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One of the original Skunk (100% Skunk!) varieties and still one of the best we have ever seen. 

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As well as being an original cannabis cup winning variety, Orange Bud remains a classic Skunk that should be savoured by any Skunk connoisseur. These cannabis seeds have been proven over several decades by thousands of growers and they remain one of the best-selling Dutch Passion strains. Expect superb quality home grown results when growing these feminised seeds.

Orange Bud is one of the original skunk seed varieties. She was discovered during an extensive Skunk selection grow-out from the early 80’s. The goal back then was to create one of the fruitiest varieties available without comprising either yield or quality. The strain quickly became one of the favorites on the menu of the coffeeshops in the Netherlands. People loved the reliably strong smoke and great citrus skunk taste.

Orange Bud, Power Plant and White Widow were 3 of the original corner stone strains which can still be found in many coffeeshop across The Netherlands. Orange Bud achieved a legendary status for the orange-green buds with fiery orange hairs and aromas of ripe oranges and nectarines.

Orange Bud is a plant that produces premium quality buds. Even new growers will find Orange Bud seeds easy and pleasurable to grow. She produces generous levels of dense, hard buds covered in crystals and beautiful orange hairs.

Orange Bud is a unique Skunk selection. She is a vigorous grower with strong stems and a consistent growth pattern. She is quite forgiving and can handle nutrients very well. This proven cannabis seed variety is easy enough for beginners to grow. During bloom she will stretch to approximately double her height. She is easy to manage and remains a customer favourite for ease of growth and bud quality. Good quality skunk cannabis seeds are easy and straightforward to cultivate, Orange Bud seeds are no exception to this rule.

She is a Sativa dominant cannabis seed variety with the right amount of Indica genes to make her flower quite fast and to keep her height from growing in an uncontrolled manner. Most phenotypes will show that Sativa heritage in the plant and bud structure, the buds can be become long and fully stacked from top to bottom.

Others show a more golf-ball type of bud structure which becomes dense and compact. This puts down quite some weight on the scales at harvest. Orange Bud suits the aspiring home grower looking for cannabis seeds which will deliver quality levels which are well above average, alongside heavy yields and an easy growing experience.

Orange Bud has remained a customer favourite for more than 30 years for all the right reasons. Orange Bud high quality cannabis seeds are easy to grow, stable, potent, forgiving and good for both indoor and outdoor growing. Orange Bud is suitable for any type of grow medium with any type of grow technique, this is a robust cannabis seed variety with a wide growing latitude. No matter how you grow her she delivers that appealing sweet and fruity citrus aroma with a very uplifting feel-good high which seems to dissolve stress and anxiety.

Orange Bud grows itself! Just plant the cannabis seeds, sit back and watch one of the world’s most iconic varieties fill your grow room with deliciously desirable buds. The ease of growth is probably one of the main reasons why customers still love this strain decades after she was first released.

Orange Bud is a plant which will stay green from start to finish without too much hassle. Nutrient-wise she is very forgiving. Like all the best skunk seed varieties she has a wide growing latitude. Give her a little bit more nutrients, or a little less, and she will handle it with minimal drama. Orange Bud cannabis seeds are suitable for both the SOG and SCROG technique.

Orange Bud is particularly notable for her yields in ‘sea of green’ (SOG) grows. By using this grow method you will be able to achieve the biggest possible harvest. A SOG grow is quite straight forward and less time consuming than most other growing methods. The strain also thrives in a ‘screen of green’ grow (‘SCROG’). She loves being bent, manipulated and super cropped. Be sure to give her a longer VEG period if you grow her in a SCROG setup.

Orange Bud is ready to harvest in around 8-9 weeks indoors. Outdoors she can be relatively fast as well, making her a good candidate for early autumn harvests. It is recommended to select the fastest flowering phenotypes for outdoor growing and keep the longer flowering ones for indoor cultivation.

Many repeat growers of Orange Bud cannabis seeds claim the main reason they love her so much is due to the uniquely sweet, citrus skunky terpene profile. The rich scent is appealing and attention grabbing, making you want to squeeze the oily buds and enjoy the penetrating and gloriously enjoyable aroma. These are some of the most powerful, feel-good buds you will have ever enjoyed smoking/vaping. The great scent of juicy, freshly picked nectarines is one you will never forget.

Orange Bud is known for its active, social cerebral high. It gives the smoker a feel-good high which is very happy and uplifting. It is a strong variety with THC levels of around 15-20%. The strain is good for stoners with active lifestyles. It will get you through the day or evening. Slightly energising, the citrus terpene profile tastes great and leaves you with a smile on your face.

We normally recommend a vegetative period of about 4-6 weeks. Being a Sativa dominant hybrid she roughly doubles in size during flowering. When growing in a SOG it is possible to grow this variety on 12/12 from seed or after one week of growth. When you grow just a few plants per m2 we recommend giving her a veg period of about 6 weeks.

When grown in a SCROG with a single plant we recommend giving her about 8 weeks of growth. This will ensure a massive plant that is able to carry numerous branches of thick and long buds for a bountiful harvest.

Orange Bud can be grown outdoors too, its relatively faster flowering period and small amount of leaves in the buds makes it suitable for outdoor growing. There is less chance of dead leaves due to the high-calyx leaf ratio reducing the risk of bud rot.

For best results, give Orange Bud some high-quality organic soil and a location with a gentle, light prevailing wind. This will make her stronger and more resistant to periods of bad weather. She is known to produce even frostier buds outdoors than indoors because of the lower temperatures which increase trichome density.

The flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. In combination with the recommended veg phase it takes around 12-14 weeks from seed to harvest.

Orange Bud produces large harvests of high-quality cannabis; around 400 to 450+ grams per m2 on average. More is possible when the SOG method is used to perfection.

More Information
Cup Winner No
Medicinal No
Flowering Type Standard
Yield Extreme
THC Content High (15-20%)
CBD Content Unknown
Environment Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Genetics Mainly Sativa
Height Medium
Flowering Time 7-8 WEEKS


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