Auto Brooklyn Sunrise

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Hooking the East Coast "Brooklyn" Diesel clone up with AK genetics from New York and topping off the result with Ruderalis genetics resulted in Auto Brooklyn Sunrise.

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Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is an autoflower with an intense aroma of earth, diesel and citrus fruit. In addition, some phenotypes also have very spicy, coffee notes. Towards the end of bloom it is wonderful to hang out in your grow room to enjoy the strong aromatic scent that comes from these plants. The buds have a favourable flower-to-leaf ratio and are full of trichomes and THC. Auto Brooklyn Sunrise® combines a distinctive spicy diesel flavour with large yields of top quality resinous cannabis.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise has the right combination of fast growth and flowering alongside a compact structure. This in combination with her hard compact buds with few leaves make this a very commercial autoflower variety. Her unique aroma and diesel taste with earthy/citrus notes make her a pleasure to smoke. The potent, THC-rich buds have earned this strain a good reputation in the autoflowering community. It is one of those autoflowers that combines very high quality with a fast and generous harvest. The resin production really is excellent and the high is strong and hits very quickly.

The genetics come from a so-called USA East Coast ‘Brooklyn’ Diesel clone, known for its rich Diesel aroma and strong high. This clone was crossed with connoisseur AK genetics from upper New York State. These elite AK genetics give this cross even more power and a more compact bud structure. An autoflower version of this was eventually made. The result brings together the best of East Coast genetics in a very tasty autoflower with a strong yet enjoyable high. This strain typically has both a high potency and a heavy yield.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise combines genetics from the proven, award-winning East Coast Sour Diesel with strong AK genetics from New York. This combination ensures fast harvests of THC-rich cannabis. Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is a reliably stable autoflower strain. She remains compact/medium in size and usually has a fully loaded main bloom surrounded by many beautiful side blooms.

A good strain for first time growers, she is easy to cultivate and grows quickly from seed to harvest in an average of 70 days. This strain has been developed to provide fast, efficient autoflower harvests. Due to its compact plant structure, this is a suitable plant to grow with the SOG method. With many plants per m2, very high yields are possible within a short time.

She is normally grown on a 20/4 light schedule but there are also growers who work on a 24/0 schedule with Auto Brooklyn Sunrise. When grown in perfect conditions, this Dutch Passion auto can be ready from day 60, making it the ideal strain for experienced growers who want a quick harvest of the highest quality. For most growers, however, we recommend waiting until at least day 70, as the buds will continue to grow during the last 10 days and the amount of resin will continue to increase as well.

Her plant structure is compact to medium and the internode distance is short to medium. This is a THC-rich cannabis strain with an above average resin coating. This also makes her particularly popular with makers of various cannabis concentrates such as cannabis oil, rosin, BHO and shatter.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is loved for its strong spicy diesel aroma and flavor. In addition, the buds are easy to manicure, adding to the commercial value of this variety.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise® gives a surprisingly powerful initial euphoric high, making it a pleasant morning variety for breakfast. This is where the name comes from. Ideal for a ‘wake & bake’ with a nice cup of coffee and a croissant. The high is not overwhelming at all, but very pleasant. Do not smoke too much in the morning (you may want to get something done afterwards!) because the high is quite strong, especially for novice users.

The high starts with an uplifting and euphoric high and transforms over time to a more relaxed effect. This strain provides a balanced high that is more common with good 50/50 varieties (50% Indica / 50% Sativa). This strain is known to promote creativity, the energetic uplifting effect makes this strain very suitable for daytime use, but less so for night-time use unless you don't want to go to sleep immediately. It's a good strain for creative tasks, long conversations or a night of gaming.

Auto Brooklyn Sunrise grows indoors from seed to harvest in an average of 10 weeks. Some plants, especially in perfect growing condition, can be ready in 60-65 days. That's around a week to 10 days faster than many other autos. It is one of the quickest, most robust autoflowers in our collection. It is therefore the ideal strain for home growers (or licensed growers) looking for an autoflower strain with a good yield and a faster flowering time than most autos.

This strain also thrives outdoors and usually takes about 80-90 days to fully mature. She can also provide a large harvest outdoors, especially when grown in good aerated soil. Most plants will stay between 50-75 cm, with exceptions up to 100 cm. To get the greatest yield outdoors, especially in more temperate climates, we recommend to pre-grow her for a maximum of 2 weeks (from germination) under 24 hours light per day in a pot of at least 1L, (larger is always allowed!).

This Dutch Passion autoflower is an easy and straightforward strain to grow. It is a productive autoflower with a heavy yield. Her compact and full buds provide a good weight, even after drying. The flowers are very white with a strong diesel aroma. Auto Brooklyn Sunrise has received an XL mark due to the potential yield that can be achieved with it, especially in the hands of a more experienced grower.

Indoors, under the right conditions, she can yield around 400-500g /m2, on average within 9-11 weeks from seed to harvest. She does well with the SOG method, but you also have little-to-no maintenance when grown in the natural way. She has a very pleasant structure to work with. She can be topped early in growth in case you want to keep her even smaller, although you will miss the nice main bloom. Outdoors she can yield an average of between 25-100 g per plant. If possible, provide a shelter or a place with good ventilation because the compact buds don’t like exposure to consecutive days with damp weather.

More Information
Cup Winner No
Medicinal No
Flowering Type Autoflowering
Yield High
THC Content High (15-20%)
CBD Content Low (0-1%)
Environment Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse
Genetics Ruderalis Hybrid
Height Short
Flowering Time 10-11 WEEKS


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